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G.A.T.E. students are encouraged to participate in leadership and enrichment opportunities available at Yorbita. Leadership opportunities are offered to the children within the classroom and for children interested in applying for a position on the Student Council Ambassador Team. We also have a Drama Club for those children showing talent in acting and a Show Choir for those showing talent in singing and dancing. There are also other after school enrichment opportunities in Art Club and sports.

Science in Action
Next year, students in the program will have an opportunity to experience hands-on science, an after school program that conducts exciting, hands-on activities for children to spark their curiosity and build their enthusiasm and knowledge for science. More information to come in the fall of 2010.

For more information on our GATE programs, please visit the Rowland Unified District's website at:

Yorbita’s GATE students are identified using the guidelines provided by the Rowland Unified School District. Students considered for the GATE program show strong scores in Math and Reading on the California Standards Assessment given in the spring. Students are screened by the classroom teacher using a checklist of common GATE characteristics and complete an outstanding project/product, which exhibits their best ability. Children who satisfy these early screening criteria then take the OLSAT test. English learners may also take the NNAT test to demonstrate nonverbal strengths. A combination of these screening devices leads to identification of a child in April of the school year.

Yorbita strives to provide the best possible GATE program. GATE students are cluster into heterogeneous classrooms. This means that the GATE child is placed in a classroom with 3 or more GATE identified children at his or her grade level. The remaining students in the class are of varying ability levels. Teachers differentiate a topic, to a greater level of complexity, or at a faster pace than students and help them be the best they can be. We encourage students to reflect their highest level of achievement in the schoolwork. We also try to nurture the child’s social and emotional growth.

Beginning in 2010-2011 school year, GATE students will be partnered with a Yorbita Mentor Teacher as a way to further student-learning experiences by co-creating projects relevant to each child’s interests. The partnership between GATE students and Yorbita Mentor Teachers will enhance higher levels of thinking, complexity and quality products among students. The products will be the result of teacher and student discussions and a GATE contract agreed upon by the student, parent and teacher. We are excited to begin this new journey in our GATE program as it will challenge and empower students to actualize his/her unique potential and become responsible, contributing members of society.

Parent communication is very important to the success of our GATE program. Each September on Back to School Night, a GATE parents’ meeting is held. Discussion includes a description of the three required GATE products and the special needs and characteristics of gifted children. GATE teachers will be available to answer your questions. Yorbita GATE parents are also represented on the district GATE Parent Teacher Advisory Committee, meeting six times yearly.

We are proud of Yorbita’s program for GATE students!